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If you have a solar system during an outage and it’s NOT backed by battery, your home will be WITHOUT power like everyone else

(Other companies won’t tell you that)

However, if you DO have a battery back-up system? Well...

You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.


'Cos... You can run your refrigerator, keep your A/C cranked, power your lights and electronics, enjoy a hot shower, cook meals, and still turn on Netflix so you and your kids have something to do other than twiddle your thumbs and sweat.

Schedule a 20-Minute Energy Independence Consultation To Discover How
You Can Secure Your Home During Florida’s  Hurricane Season &
Stay Ready for Life’s Unexpected Power Outages,
Blackouts, and Brownouts With Our Dependable Solar & Battery Back-Up Solutions

What Customers Like You Have To Say About Us

"I just signed Solar and battery backup project with Mike Patterson and the team of Empire Solar - what a breath of fresh air - actually professionals that understand complexities of high end home - designed a system for me to support EV, pool pump, 2 AC systems and much more - so happy to have professionals taking care of me and my family - going the lease model hasn’t effected credit and isn’t showing on my credit as all - attached to my property so I don’t need to worry about every paying anything if I sell the property - the team is also going to take care of taking off a massive tree that is blocking our roof - I’m so impressed with the team - I got quoted by so many companies that made me feel like they don’t really get it! Everyone should use Empire Solar."

- Sean T.

"Empire Solar exceeded my expectations with their exceptional service and expertise. From the initial consultation to the final installation, their team was professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. They guided me through the entire process, addressing all my questions and concerns along the way. The installation was completed promptly and flawlessly, and I'm already seeing significant savings on my energy bills. I highly recommend Empire Solar to anyone looking to make the switch to solar energy."

- Daniel K.

On Top of A Secure Home During Outages, Here's Why Our Customers Choose Us Over The Competition

Custom-Fit Solar Systems
Our solar systems are designed with your unique needs in mind. We custom-fit each setup to ensure your home remains powered and secure, especially during hurricanes and outages, giving you energy independence and significant savings on your energy bills.
In-House Team Dedicated To Overdelivering
Our dedicated team goes above and beyond. We ensure your solar installation is top-notch and exceeds your expectations, providing reliable energy when you need it most.
Honest & Transparent Practices
We keep things straightforward. From clear pricing to straightforward timelines, we’re upfront about everything, so you always know what to expect and can trust you and your home are taken care of every step of the way.
Zero-Down Financing Options
Start your solar journey without the upfront cost. Our zero-down financing options let you enjoy the benefits of solar energy immediately, while paying off your system over time.
Post-Install Retrofits
Need an upgrade? We’ve got you covered. Unlike other companies, we offer post-install retrofits to ensure your solar system remains efficient and adapts to your evolving needs without hassle.
We Make Your Home More Efficient
Our goal is to enhance your home’s independence. Our solar solutions cut down energy use and costs, making your home more efficient and resilient during outages.
How Are We Different?

We aren't 'sales reps'.

We are engineers, advisors, and masters of our craft.

That means, when we say we want to build the most effective system for our customers and do right by their home and future – we can.

Hi, I'm Steve Shaw, co-founder of Empire Solar and

Hi, I'm Steve Shaw, co-founder of Empire Solar and

if you're exploreing solar for your home my story might sound REALLY familiar...

My family and I had just moved to Tampa. I knew I wanted solar and energy security for our home.

Sitting across my kitchen table from the solar rep I realized, while I didn’t know much about solar at this point, he knew even less.

I wasn’t frustrated (yet). Instead, my engineering background was intrigued…

So I talked to a second company. And they told me a completely different story.

A third company… a third story.

Finally, after talking with TWELVE different solar companies, the writing was on the wall…

“Sales reps” don’t know what they’re talking about.

They’re just trying to sell us cookie-cutter systems disguised as customized. Cookie-cutter systems that are not spec’d to our specific home requirements, usage, and goals. These reps are fed information to talk about, whether it’s true or false. Whatever it takes to get the sale.

But then I talked to lucky number 13…

He was different. An engineer like me.

And I was blown away… 

After a comprehensive consultation – he asked questions no other solar company had, he walked me through his initial design. Explained everything to me in incredible detail…

I didn’t just trust the guy to install my solar. I decided to start a solar company with him.

Here at Empire, we know first hand that battery systems are where most solar companies struggle. The meticulous attention to detail and technical understanding it takes to build a quality system a homeowner can count on to do the job when the power goes out, there’s very few who do it well.

And we’ve stepped in to change that.

Today we have a dynamic team of engineers, experienced advisors, and installers with over 11+ years of experience designing and building custom-fit solar and battery back-up systems customers can finally trust to deliver the money-savings and energy efficiency that got them interested in solar in the first place.  

We’ve figured out how to help you create energy independence and resilience — while putting money back in your pocket. 

So don’t settle for cookie-cutter solar. Get what your home, your future, and your family deserves.

Discover how you can be prepared for any storm, any blackout,
and any power outage
with solar energy back-up

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